Kapow sauce is a smooth rich flavouring sauce or used as a condiment dipping. While it can be applied to any food it usually tops meat after cooking or during barbecuing. It is also suitable for vegetarians as it goes with almost anything.
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Welcome to Kapowsauce

 There is a new sauce in town- Kapow!       

When we were growing up, we remember how we use to bring a bottle of sauce to the table to compliment every meal. As we grew older, our elders initiated us into the secret of making this wonderful sauce and now we are giving this sauce to you.

Smooth in texture and tasty to boot, Kapowsauce is a must have for your table. Don't tell us later we didn't warn you. With a sweet smooth taste, followed by a spicy kick, Kapowsauce will surprise you its quality rich.


Why we think you will like Kapowsauce

Kapowsauce is present at all our family occasions, now we want to invite you into our Kapow family. This sauce is almost like a family heirloom. So you can imagine how difficult it was for us to let go of the sauce.

Our mission is to save you from all those other sauces that do not do justice to your taste buds. We are sure, you won't be able to stop purchasing Kapowsauce after just one bottle.

The taste is almost addictive and soon you will be adding it to all your meals. Even children will like it too because it is so different, nothing like any sauce they would have tried before. 

What type of food is Kapowsauce suitable for?

A marinade, condiment, dip, It goes with almost anything & everything.